Gender Sexuality And Socialism

This talk was part of the 2017 Midwest Marxism conference at DePaul University in Chicago

2017 finds us in a strange moment of gender politics. The misogynist in chief continues to oversee assaults on our reproductive lives and promote anti-LGBT bigotry. Yet at the same time as we are seeing a flourishing of a “trans moment,” with more people coming out as trans and non-binary than ever, there is an epidemic of murder of trans people, in particular trans women of color. How can Marxism explain not only the roots of gendered and sexual oppression and the current state of our rights, but also provide a guide for action? How can we integrate the demands of trans movements as we campaign around issues like abortion and sexual violence? Drawing on social reproduction theory, Marxist feminism, and queer theory, this talk makes a case for the material basis for solidarity among all people in the crosshairs of gender and sexual oppression and a truly trans inclusive Marxist feminism.


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