Coronavirus, Capitalism, and Class Struggle

Seemingly overnight, the world as we know it has been fundamentally transformed into an unrecognizable, dystopian nightmare. The coronavirus has brought to the surface an underlying, insoluble and system-wide economic crisis, not in the form we expected, and even more terrifying than we could have imagined.

Internationally, we can see what the toxic combination of a decades of austerity and an unprecedented global pandemic have in store. While the powers that be in the United States have been slow to acknowledge that there is an issue, workers in the public sector and beyond have demonstrated an incredible ability to lead in the wake of crisis, linking demands for health care and social services and relief with the undeniable need for all those who can to stay home from work to stop the spread of this virus.

Our hospital system is already on the brink of what it can handle, and things have not yet hit the US in full force yet. Millions have already lost their jobs and are relying on a frayed social safety net for survival. What's more, this virus is being used to hype up a nationalist and bigoted world-views, both with regards to international rivalries and an anti-immigrant posture at home. You have to look no further than the jails and the immigrant detention centers to see this horrible reality.

The entire neo-liberal world order is coming to a brutal crash. What are the lasting effects of this crisis going to be? How is the pandemic going to shape the economy for the years to come? And how is the combination of all the converging issues going to shape the class struggle that will emerge in response to the cruelty of the system?

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