Hope and Challenge in Spain

Socialism 2015

July 02, 2015

The new radical organization PODEMOS ("We Can") has won significant advances in Spanish elections during the first half of 2015. Often compared to Greece's SYRIZA party, PODEMOS is different insofar as it is not based on existing left parties but rather was born as a totally new anti-austerity political formation out of the May 2011 "Indignado" Movement (Spain's equivalent of "Occupy Wall Street"). With the current collapse of Spain's pre-crisis two-party system, PODEMOS fills an important vacuum in articulating the need and desire for profound social change. It faces all of the key questions: how can we win power? how can we build our movement? what kind of "party" or organization are we? how far will we go to put an end to austerity and inequality in the Spanish state and in Europe?


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