Neoliberal Palestine

This talk was given at the National SJP conference in October 2017

Neoliberal Palestine: Today, even as the BDS movement mobilizes unprecedented support for the struggle of Palestinians internationally, conditions within Palestine are among the worst faced since 1948. The historic leadership of the Palestinian movement is now collaborating with Israel's authority, through the mechanism of the Palestinian Authority. In 1993 the signing of the Oslo Accords set in motion the creation of a "one-state economy of peace" that subordinated the West Bank and Gaza to the US, Israel, the EU and their neoliberal capitalist economies, progressively destroyed Palestinian economic sovereignty and the potential for mass-based Palestinian economic and political power, while setting up the Palestinian Authority as a repressive apparatus to control the Palestinian people on Israel's behalf. This panel will explore how the strategy of the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian elite is incapable of bringing about Palestinian liberation, and examine what alternative has the actual power and potential to extricate us from this mess and bring us closer to liberation.

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