Castlewood Country Club Lockout and Hunger Strike
We work at Castlewood Country Club, and we have been LOCKED OUT since Thursday, February 25th. The Club wants us to pay $739 a month for health care for our families. We cant afford that, so almost all of our husbands, wives, and kids will lose their health coverage if we agree. We offered to increase our share of health care costs AND take a wage freeze so our proposal is actually cheaper than the Clubs! But Castlewood still wont let us come back to work.

We need your help to get our jobs back and protect our families health care!

Please call:
General Manager Jerry Olson at 925-485-2232 and
Board President Jim Clouser at 925-837-8969
and ask them to let us come back to work and maintain affordable health care for our families.
Produced by Regan Brashear & Making Change Media.

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