Noam Chomsky: On Power and Ideology

Noam Chomsky discusses the persistent and largely invariant features of U.S. foreign policy — in the words of U.S. planners, "the overall framework of order” — and its intimate relationship with U.S. domestic policy.

Presented by Haymarket Books and the Schools of Public Engagement
at The New School .

This event also celebrated the release of The Chomsky Collection. Haymarket Books proudly re-issues twelve of Chomsky's most important books.

The collection includes:

Rogue States, The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism, On Power and Ideology, After the Cataclysm, The Fateful Triangle, Year 501, Turning the Tide, Pirates and Emperors, Old and New, Propaganda and the Public Mind, Rethinking Camelot, Culture of Terrorism, Powers and Prospects.

Titles are available individually, or as a set for a special low price of $100.

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