Solidarity: The Meaning of Mayday
An Activist Panel

April 27, 2017 - Chicago

Solidarity: The Meaning of May Day
An Activist Panel Discussion
With: Jorge Mújica, Sharon Smith, Nancy Serrano , Richard Wallace, Noura Almasri, Behzad Raghian, Adriana Alvarez and more. . .

From its origin in Chicago with the struggle by largely immigrant workers for the 8-hour day through the mega marches in 2006 to defeat anti-immigrant legislation May Day has been a day of struggle and solidarity. International Workers Day, celebrated around the world, is a day for the international movement of workers, or the the exploited, and oppressed to join together in common struggle. This years May Day will feature a national call to action to resist those who are under attack. Trump has signaled that increased deportations and attacks on immigrants is on his agenda. While the attacks have been particularly fierce under Trump they are nothing new. A movement against the bans and walls of Trump is being built that take on these struggles regardless of who is sitting in the White House.

In Chicago a large coalition featuring endorsement from over 70 organizations have taken up the call to march on May Day. Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, this panel of prominent activists representing many of the fights that will be united on May Day will make the case for solidarity and struggle on this day and beyond. From the fight against Islamophobia, against deportations, for a fully funded public education system, against racists cops and mass incarceration, full reproductive rights, to a struggle for a world free of oppression and exploitation. Join us for a discussion of the movement and the way forward. An injury to one is an injury to all.

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