Can Technology Solve the Climate Crisis?
Reform or Revolution

Socialism 2018

July 05, 2018

Humans, during their expansion across the planet, have burned countless tons of coal, oil, and gas, and destroyed billions of acres of forest. This industrialization of the world has led to increased levels of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere, causing climate catastrophe across the planet. Numerous “natural disasters” have swept the planet over the last year, leading to environmental crises in Puerto Rico, Houston, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Greensboro, to name a few. With these environmental disasters comes economic exploitation by the government through privatization, gentrification, and increased oppression of people of color and the working class. Although the consequences of climate change are bleak, the technology needed to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions does exist. In our capitalist society, will these technologies ever be put to use? What will it take for us to solve this crisis?

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