How to Fight the Right on Campus

This talk was given at the National SJP conference in October 2017

In the last year, and last several months in particular, we have seen the resurgence of an organized right on college campuses. From Charlottesville to Berkeley, to the 'anti-Sharia' protests that spread across the country in June, far right groups are emboldened and college campuses are their breeding ground. Many of these groups have attacked Palestine student groups from UC Irvine to Brooklyn College. Richard Spencer even said he often 'turns to Israel for guidance.' But others create a facade of Palestine solidarity in order to excuse their antisemitism. Understanding the roots of these movements, their differences, strategies, and how they impact our organizing on college campuses is crucial to building strong networks of solidarity and resistance at schools across the country. Using a series of case studies from the current political period, this workshop will explore strategies for the Palestine movement to combat the growth of the right.

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