Baltimore Activists Speak Out On the Police Murder of Freddie Gray

The city of Baltimore was shaken to its core after 25-year-old Freddie Gray died while in police custody. Less than an hour after Gray’s April 12th arrest, he was admitted to a hospital with a broken neck and 80% of his spine severed. Freddie Gray died one week later. Since his death, there have been daily demonstrations in Baltimore numbering in the thousands demanding answers and justice. In response to their cry, the head of the Baltimore Police Union called the protestors a “lynch mob.” Given the broken neck--the lynching--of Freddie Gray, it's hard to imagine a more incendiary comment.

At this meeting sponsored by the International Socialist Organization, Baltimore activists speak out, explaining the origins and aims of the movement in Baltimore.

Son of Nun (Kevin James)
Makayla Gilliam-Price (City Bloc)
Gary Nelson (Baltimore City firefighter)
Kevin Wheeler (Unite Here Local 7)
Alana Smith (ISO, Baltimore)

* Affiliation listed for identification purposes only

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