The Revolution Will Not Be Standardized
What the CTU strike teaches us about how to fight for a better world

For decades, politicians and bosses have forced working people to accept layoffs, increased healthcare costs, and no job security as a fact of life.

Despite the massive fight in Wisconsin, organized labor was unable to turn back the assault on workers' rights. Chicago teachers, however, refused to give in to Rahm Emanuel's attack on labor and public education. Instead, they built solidarity with community activists against racism and inequality.

Their nine day strike drove back the school privatization agenda & showed the way for a democratic, fighting union to take on the bosses and politicians of either party. Workers have rediscovered their most important weapons—the strike and solidarity.

This public forum features teachers and activists and look at what the CTU struggle shows us about the power of working class people to challenge the profit system and what it will take to rebuild a fighting workers' movement capable of building a better world.

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