The War on Black Women
A Public Forum in Harlem

The war on Black women has reached a new level in recent years. According to a study from Center for American Progress, 26.6% of Black women are living in poverty. In the first quarter of 2012, the unemployment rate for Black women was nearly twice that for white women. Even when they can find work, Black women make 70 cents for every dollar that an average man makes. Meanwhile, more than half of Black households have a female breadwinner, forcing Black families to do more with less. In recent months, politicians and the media have increased their vicious and racist attacks against single Black mothers, blaming them for not being able to make ends meet. The attacks run the gamut from portrayals of Black women as lazy and welfare dependent to sexual objectification. Black women are also one of the fastest growing segments of America's prison population.

However, as has happened throughout American history, Black women are fighting back. This video documents a discussion about the war on Black women, and what we can do to stop it.

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