What Do We Mean By Solidarity?

THE CONCEPT of solidarity is based on the idea that people can unite across their differences not just because they are good people (or "allies"), but because they have a common interest in not allowing themselves to be divided and conquered. Thus, we must fight against Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, Imperialism, etc. Not just because its our moral duty, but because it is in our common interest to fight against all kinds of oppression


Demetrius Noble (better known as D. Noble) is an activist, scholar and nationally renowned spoken word artist and a member of the International Socialist Organization. He earned his Masters of Arts in English and African American Literature from North Carolina A&T State University where he graduated as a Wadaran L. Kennedy Scholar in May 2012.

He serves as an adjunct professor in the African American and Diaspora Studies department at UNC Greensboro. His research interests include Marxism, Critical Race Theory, African American Literature, Popular Culture and Hip Hop Studies. His work has been published in The African American Review, The Journal of Pan African Studies, The Journal of Black Masculinity, the Marxist journal Works and Days, and Red Wedge Magazine.

Anton Ford is a member of the ISO and an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago.

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