A Marx for Our Times
Who Can Speak to Race, Class, and Colonialism

Socialism 2016

July 01, 2016

Faced with a resurgence of racism, chauvinism, and xenophobia, it is time to reassess the way we read Marx. Contrary to common assumptions, Marx had much to say about race, nationalism, colonialism, and their legacies. From his writings on the U.S. Civil War to his late texts on indigenous communities and their revolutionary potential, Marx’s dialectic was global and multicultural. This has implications for today’s struggles, including the challenge posed by the Trump campaign.

Suggested Readings:
Marx at the Margins by Kevin Anderson

“From the ‘Grundrisse’ to ‘Capital’: Multilinear Themes” by Kevin Anderson

“Not Just Capital and Class: Marx on Non-Western Societies, Nationalism and Ethnicity” by Kevin Anderson

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