Fighting Back on Campus

Socialism 2017

August 15, 2017

The neoliberal university is a mirror of the society around it: exorbitant tuition, declining minority enrollment, precarious employment, and weakened job security for professors. University administrations are rolling back decades of hard-fought gains for free speech, threatening students for speaking out, and clamping down on their rights to assemble and organize. At key historical moments in the U.S., campuses have become focal points for struggles around larger social questions reaching far beyond campus life, such as the struggle for civil rights and opposition to the Vietnam War. Today, campuses are again becoming terrains of polarization and struggle, as emboldened right-wingers are also staking their claim. How can we build a strong student movement that is able to resist university attacks, connect with wider social questions, and build the kind of solidarity that enhances our success?

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